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As part of our Womxn in Music month, we are super happy to welcome the absolutely awesome LaDIYfest Bristol on the 30th March.

LaDIYfest Bristol is a DIY collective celebrating the achievements of self-identifying women and oppressed genders in music and the arts and boy (gaaah) have they put on a line up for you! We got really excited about it all and wanted more, more, more… here’s what Drunken Butterfly, Death of the Maiden and Personal Best had to say about themselves:

Drunken Butterfly (Bristol)

Combining snarly fuzzy punk with folk-pop melodies Drunken Butterfly will be showcasing songs from their upcoming EP. Expect tracks about growing up queer, the me too movement and wreaking revenge on abusive men.

Who are you ?

Alice and Darcie. We play guitar and bass, and sing, in Drunken Butterfly.

How do you celebrate womxn in music?

We put on shows through LaDIYfest Bristol, and all our shows aim to celebrate the achievements of self-identifying women and oppressed genders in music. At least 50% of the members of the bands we put on are women or oppressed genders, because we want to make sure we showcase women and oppressed genders playing instruments as well as singing.

What are you going to be playing/promoting at The Canteen?

Well from the promoting side we are going to be running the show, and we are so excited to have Personal Best, Wolf Girl, Secret Power and Death of the Maiden join us. From the playing side we are really excited to be playing with our band Drunken Butterfly. We’ve got a lot of new material and are working on a new EP at the moment so we’ll be playing lots of songs from that – its probably our angriest EP yet so we hope The Canteen is ready for us!

Death of the Maiden (Oxford)

Death of the Maiden produce gothy post-punk, baroque-pop rock. They’ve just successfully kickstarted their first album, which they will be launching in Oxford on the 29th March – and we can’t wait to hear it!

Who are you ?

We are Death of the Maiden: Tamara, Hannah, Jenny and Emma

We play baroque-pop/post-punk music

How do you celebrate womxn in music?

We celebrate women in music in many ways.  Hannah works for a charity in Oxford that specifically works to include groups that often get excluded from music. These include women, trans & non-binary, LGB and disabled young people.  Tamara runs All Tamara’s Parties, a monthly music night that is designed to be a platform to showcase more female and non-binary talent and pay all artists for their work from the ticket sales. Jenny is an academic and is often a very important female voice in a heavily male environment. She was recently asked to be part of the panel for the Young Women’s Music Project’s ‘Changing Herstory’ event.  Emma has also worked with Young Women’s Music Project as the leader of ‘team drum’. In fact, all of us have worked with Young Women’s Music Project in some way and we often play their fundraising charity events.

What are you going to be playing/promoting at The Canteen?

We are going to be playing tracks from our debut album ‘The Girl with the Secret Fire’ which will be released on 29 March 2019.

Personal Best (Southsea)

Spirited power-pop & blissed-out indierama from total babes Personal Best. Expect a hearty sing-along of queer anthem ‘This is What We Look Like’ from the LaDIYfest team.

Who are you?

I’m Katie, the singer and guitarist and songwriter.

How do you celebrate womxn in music?

I think being visible, signal boosting, promoting, and giving your money to womxn musicians is the best way to do this.

What are you going to be playing at The Canteen?

Classic rock for tragic lesbians.

LaDIYfest is happening right here on the 30th March. Full line up and info is available on their Facebook page. We are also handing over our Instagram reins to them on the day… expect big things! We cannot wait!

Womxn in Music – March

As a music venue hosting live, free music seven days a week we wanted to celebrate the amazing pool of female talent both locally here in Bristol and further afield. Our March programme has been specially curated to showcase female identifying performers and encourage audiences to discover new acts and sounds all month long, with unadulterated fun! 

Highlights include: 

8th March – To celebrate International Women’s Day we have the wonderful Celestine bringing her roots to the stage, and giving a new perspective on neo soul which will leave you hypnotised and unable to resist from joining in.

21st March – All female record label Saffron Records host a night with Elsa Hewitt, a bewitching, experimental electronic artist from London. Elsa combines intriguing sounds and melodies, creating a dream like atmosphere with her music. With Djs to keep you dancing. 

30th March – The pinnacle event sees LaDIYfest Bristol bring five of the most exciting female acts in the UK together for one amazing night. From Drunken Butterly’s snarly punk, to sing-a-long power-pop from Personal Best, via Secret Power’s dreamy RnB and Death of The Maiden’s gothy post punk this night has it ALL… cherry on the top being the Bad Reputation Djs playing out all through the night. 

And loads, loads more. 

***FREE ENTRY*** All our gigs at The Canteen are free. Check our website for full details. 

Our programme isn’t about putting womxn on a pedestal, separating them from men, or creating a sub-category to which they must belong. It is about highlighting just how frickin’ awesome they are at what they do, in the same world as everyone else. 

Donate for Dal at The Canteen !

This Saturday, 16th Feb, we are supporting our friends at the North Bristol Foodbank to help combat food poverty locally and nationwide. Bring along one or more of the items listed below between 12 and 3pm or 5 and 9pm and get a FREE, delicious Dal for your efforts !

Everyday people in the UK go hungry for reasons ranging from redundancy to receiving an unexpected bill on a low income. A simple box of food makes a big difference, with foodbanks helping prevent crime, housing loss, family breakdown and mental health problems.

Food poverty has been highlighted as a serious issues for individuals and families living in Bristol. With you, our beloved customers, we can support our community in ways that truly help.

On Saturday, pick up an extra item, hand it over to one of our lovely staff, take a seat and enjoy your FREE plate of authentic Yellow Split Pea Dal with Basmati Rice & Kasundi (a spiced Indian tomato chutney) all made from locally and ethically sourced ingredients and 100% vegan !

Donate for Dal at The Canteen is part of the British Dal Festival and our Fun February month here – check our social media channels for more surprises and ways to get involved.

Want to know more about how Foodbanks work ? Check out the North Bristol Foodbank website for ways you can get involved.

Items needed are:

Fruit Juice, Cooking Sauces, Instant Mash, Washing Up Liquid, Deodorant , Jam and Spreads, Tea and Coffee, Sponge Puddings, Tinned Meat

Adieu Coexist

It is with huge sadness that we are saying goodbye this week to Coexist, our fellow Hamilton House friends and colleagues, who are moving to their new home in St. Annes. Coexist have, over the past 10 years, been instrumental in sparking a social revolution here in Stokes Croft and it is a tragedy on many levels that the social enterprise which helped to create and shape the Hamilton House project are no longer going to be part of the future of this remarkable community and building.

We want to say a big thank you to Coexist for the years of hard graft, community service and cultural leadership and for what has been a decade of rewarding and solid partnership. Coexist has undoubtedly helped to make Hamilton House an internationally renowned centre for culture, community and social interaction, adding to Bristol’s progressive reputation.

After what has been a challenging year for everyone involved in Hamilton House we are hopeful that the arrival of Forward Space will bring new opportunities and stability for the next decade.

We at The Canteen are proud of the small role we have played in helping to transform Stokes Croft and hope we can continue to serve the local community for many years to come. Whatever happens to the future tenure and management of Hamilton House we hope that The Canteen will remain at its heart and that we can contribute positively to the future vision. Vive la Revolution!

The Canteen gets Festive !

Christmas is coming, and we are getting ready, let’s put some delicious grub in our bellies.

At The Canteen, our chefs have put together an amazingly tasty menu that goes really well with friends and celebrations.

Book a table,  eat your fill,  then stay for the evening and enjoy free live music. Want to know more ? Get in touch 0117 923 2017 or mail:

Get Festive !

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