Bringing you a vibrant and eclectic mix from Monday to Saturday from 9.30pm and Sunday from 4pm.

New for Every Sunday Eve after the Band – B-sides: JON5!, Alterior, Skint & a whole host of guest dj’s present classic and modern jazz, soul and symphonic music

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Albert Jones

Albert Jones

Wednesday 16th April

He writes a good song, does Albert Jones, and he picks a fair guitar too. Another bright talent with a knapsack full of stories from the ever-fertile Cornish acoustic scene .


Niyi & Co

Thursday 17th April

Rolling African rhythms meet lazy jazz guitar and bass to make a soulful setting for Niyi’s socially aware lyrics, declaimed in a manner somewhere between Fela Kuti and Gil Scott Heron’s early stuff.

Ushti Baba

Ushti Baba & Alex Scott

Friday 18th April

They took their name from a Macedonian wedding dance tune, they have violin and accordion in the acoustic line-up … but with a beatbox in the sound, and maybe a cello, Ushti Baba have more tricks up their ten sleeves … Continue reading

Smiley and The Underclass

Smiley & The Underclass & Throwback Radio Dj’s

Saturday 19th April

Echoing the rebellious call to arms of The Clash and Dylan, infused with the bass-heavy vibrations of Jamaican sound system culture, Smiley sings the revolution blues with a burning fire.

kit hawes

Kit Hawes + B-Sides

Sunday 20th April

Phenomenal guitarist with folk, jazz and contemporary music at his fingertips and a fine sense of what’s properly musical. Well-known as a member of the Carney Villians and Sheelanagig, Kit’s solo acoustic shows are a must for lovers of fine … Continue reading

Slimline Henry copy

Slimline Henry

Monday 21st April

Henry Slim’s dust-voiced Americana comes complete with backporch fingerpicking guitar and lonesome harmonica howl and takes you straight to a Mississippi crossroads or a Kentucky campfire.



Tuesday 22nd April

This mysterious coming together of Richard ‘Velvet Chestnut’ Hughes, lost troubadour from a deserted circus, and Hungarian percussionist Adam Pettick is very likely to conjure up the drifting smoke of carousing campfires as well as the stark shadows of forbidding … Continue reading



Wednesday 23rd April

Spinning off from the irrepressible Zen Hussies this lot build a uniquely jaunty swing sound around  Charlotte Ostafew’s baritone sax, Seb Gutiez’ guitar, Tom Allen’s bass and John Blakeley’s all-important swing-beat drumming. Blending originality with a fine sense of musical … Continue reading


Flats & Sharps

Thursday 24th April

Absolutely dazzling bluegrass foursome from Penzance who rapidly rose from street corner busking to the Albert Hall – for the 2012 Schools Prom (which gives you a clue as to their ages). How did they get so good? Pasties?

Gypsy Fever

Gypsy Fever + Dj Vlad

Friday 25th April

- they’re very stylish Cabaret Gypsies, this lot, with a cool electroswing sound and Andrews sisters vocals when they want to. Then again, sometimes it’s just pure Madness, or maybe a Serbian love ballad. It’s all very good.  

Dirty Gentlemen

Dirty Gentlemen & Mango Park

Saturday 26th April

Swamp-tinged R’n’B from the bayous of Louisiana (via North London) given the full 9-piece boogaloo treatment and fronted by enthusiastic singer-guitarist George Cooper. Think the great Fats Domino and you’re getting warm.


Truffle Shack + B-Sides

Sunday 27th April

Here’s the kind of musicianship you won’t see every day, brewed up in a Cotswold shack from Pete Rosser’s accordion and Misha Law’s violin and vocals. Irish jigs, tango tunes, folksy ballads and Balkan mayhem all get the pin drop … Continue reading

Canteen Jazz Session

Canteen Jazz Session

Monday 28th April

An open jazz jam session for seasoned players to join the house trio and others in exploring classic jazz & latin tunes.

Whiskey Moon Face

Whiskey Moonface

Tuesday 29th April

It’s a talented band that can slip from sleazy cabaret schmaltz to nifty folksy jiggery and still muster a sweet ballad but this lot do all of the above and more. The jewel in their  crown, however, is the astonishing … Continue reading



Wednesday 30th April

The original Nasrudin was a spellbinding storyteller and this super quintet of well-known Bath folkies tell their own captivating tales in beautiful arrangements of tunes from the Middle East and Central Europe.