We’re Team Canteen.

The Canteen baby emerged in July 2009 out of the loving ideas, enthusiasm and drive of a bunch of Bristol Brilliants. We wanted to offer a place for the community to meet, eat and play. Nestled in the bosom of Hamilton House, The Canteen was nurtured by the outstanding community of creatives, innovators and doers, and has evolved from there.

Whether it’s our musical programme, art on the walls, events or food, we want to keep it all open to all, Bristol-loved and a celebration of the great things us humans can do together.

We have an outstanding front of house team, awesome kitchen crew and a supreme local community, all of whom breathe the life and soul into the Canteen walls and make it sing.

Thanks for all you do and are.

Ethos & Social Purpose

The Canteen was set-up to serve the community. We continue to help this guide our activity and be our aim. We aim to do this by:

  • Offering every gig or event for free forever
  • Paying all musicians who play on The Canteen stage
  • Keeping our food prices fair and affordable, whilst maintaining careful sourcing – see The Food page.
  • We are a Social Enterprise and are implementing a 15% profit feedback into the community – this means once The Canteen starts to make a profit of more than 15% we will establish a contribution back to the community that we serve.
  • Prioritising empowerment and opportunity – We are looking at ways for Canteen to effectively fulfil a social purpose, to use this resource for wider benefit of all. Current idea in the pot is The Canteen Academy, partnering up with the Coexist Community Kitchen and the Severn Project to create a culinary training programme and path to professional chef-ing for people who struggle to have conventional access to education in life. Watch this space…